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SIMIDEBIS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a multinational company with vast experience in providing end-to-end IT/Telecoms solutions.

The company has been very active in giving its various customers support services in telecommunications industy.

SIMIDEBIS provides comprehensive services covering all aspects from feasibility studies right through to final commissioning of systems.

SIMIDEBIS has also combined her resources with experienced GSM site build specialist in order to become a major player in providing cellular site builds services to cellular industry in West African countries most especially, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroun.

With our wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry we are also able to provide Transmission (Planning and Installations) and RF support services such as RF installation, drive testing and other RF consulting services such as end to end radio network audit and RF planning.

Our company is totally committed to delivering highly customized solutions, and value-added services on-time, every-time. Our groups of technical experts and professionals have the experience needed to provide a tailor made solutions.

We are duly registered as a limited liability company committed in delivering superior return to our clients through our cost effective, value-oriented service model. Since our founding in 2005, SIMIDEBIS has made considerable progress towards creating a company that will endure and prosper into the future.

Several factors have contributed to our remarkable successes, but one factor stands out; our unwavering commitment to a set of three core values, which have with passage of time become our watchword- Partnership, Professionalism, and Commitment to Excellence. .

From the Desk of Ayo Festus Adefiranye

MD/CEO of the Simidebis International ltd.

Thank you for your interest in the SIMIDEBIS. As we begin our first decade of providing services to our customers. First responders and other customers with specialized engineering support, we are both proud of our strong foundation and excited about the many new opportunities we now have to build upon it.

On behalf of the entire company, I can tell you that we are motivated and inspired by the opportunities that you give us to help you succeed. Delivering results that exceed your expectations is our top priority.

Over the years, we have remained dedicated to developing our people, strengthening our capabilities, and building trusting relationships with our clients and partners. We also pride ourselves on providing superior talent to deliver high-quality services aligned with the key objectives of our clients—disciplined finance and accounting, strategic operations, integrated approach, and proactive risk management. We do so with flexibility and nimbleness that fit your objectives—not ours. We are excited for the future and the opportunity to work with you in these areas to exceed your expectations.

SIMIDEBIS has changed too. We have grown from just a few employees working out of a single office in LAGOS Island to nearly 200 employees working out in three country. In addition, we have greatly expanded our new engineering support capabilities and have also added many other services and multiple customers. Our services now include turnkey TELECOM site, WI-FI, Civil design and architecture, intelligent power management, managed services, Optical Fiber roll-out  and technologies, environmental, and commercial support.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to high-quality work, to the satisfaction of our customers and employees, and to the unqualified safety. This is a commitment we have taken very seriously since our beginning, and this is a commitment we believe will help ensure the continued success of our company and our customers for years to come, no matter the changes that lie ahead.

Thank you again for your interest in SIMIDEBIS, and please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.






To be a proactive service support provider to the best advantage of our clients and contribute positively to the overall goal of our business partners in African Countries.


To be an efficient and cost effective support service provider and also promoting good ethnical and safety practices and compliance with all relevant law and regulations in the Industry.



To provide a place of pride to work, a pleasant and conducive working environment that reward merit and engenders ownership approach to duty.



Commitment to excellence is not just a statement; it is the way of life at SIMIDEBIS. It is a critical gene in our culture. It is how we continue to meet and exceed our clients' expectations. Our passion for our Clients success is not negotiable. Every new project or client is a challenge to better our previous bests. Delivering value to our clients drive everything we do. While we are mindful of achieving cost optimization for our clients, we never take our eyes off the ball in terms of quality.


To create a unique information technology and technical Services to our client and to focused on providing a cost effective solution to telecommunication industry and other Institutions.

Our culture is driven by our core values. Core Values are attitudes and convictions that should be held by all SIMIDEBIS employees. These attitudes/convictions will manifest as behaviours. We adopted four core values:


A company’s most valuable competitive edge is its reputation and the confidence which that inspires.

Customer Focus

The ability to grow ‘connectedness’ with customers is the act of creating a communication link enabling one to fully understand underlying needs, so when they change , and they will, SIM will alter along; and at times, even anticipate the change.


Independent people who do not have the maturity to think and act interdependently may be good producers, but they won’t be good leaders or team players. Stephen Covey


Personal development is your springboard to excellence. Ongoing, continuous, non-stop personal development literally assures you that there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Brian Tracy