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Simidebis International Ltd offers full IT & telecommunication infrastructure services to our partners and network operators. Our team of experts employ the most advanced field proven technologies achieving and exceeding the level of performance required by the modern applications for telecommunication systems. We have successfully delivered over 3000 sites (2G, 3G, 4G Technologies) for different network operators in Nigeria and other African countries.



Our wireless services cover the following:

  • Microwave transmission Installation, Commissioning, and Integration (Longhauls, access links, mimo links, Space diversity, etc).
  • GSM, Antenna and Feeder Installation
  • IP & Fiber Optics
  • ADM & DWDM systems
  • BTS Installation, Commissioning, and Integration
  • LTE Installation, Commissioning, and Integration
  • Drive Test
  • Technical Site Survey and Line of Sight (TSS & LOS)
  • Frequency Scanning
  • Installation and commissioning of radio
  • Full site deployment and integration
  • Decommissioning – full site / I&C
  • Optimization and Network Upgrade/downgrade
  • Logistics support – coordination and delivery of wireless equipment.

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