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Simidebis International Ltd offers full IT & telecommunication infrastructure services to our partners and network operators. Our team of experts employ the most advanced field proven technologies achieving and exceeding the level of performance required by the modern applications for telecommunication systems. We have successfully delivered over 20,000 sites (2G, 3G, 4G Technologies) for different network operators in Nigeria and other African countries.


Our wireless services cover the following:

  • Microwave transmission Installation, Commissioning, and Integration (Longhauls, access links, mimo links, Space diversity, etc).
  • BTS, RF Installation, Commissioning, and Integration
  • Drive Test
  • Technical Site Survey and Line of Sight (TSS & LOS)
  • Frequency Scanning
  • Installation and commissioning of radio
  • Full site deployment and integration
  • Decommissioning – full site / I&C
  • Optimization and Network Upgrade/downgrade
  • Logistics support – coordination and delivery of wireless equipment.


Simidebis has experience in both the co-ordination and completion of large scale migration and network projects. We are highly experienced in providing coordination, technical support and oversee projects from conception to final completion. We have completed numerous large scale migration projects for major network operators.
Examples of projects include:

  • PDH-SDH migration – routing high order PDH circuits, from existing PDH network to new SDH network. This enables additional network protection, improved flexibility, removal of unsupported legacy equipment and provision of additional space on-site for further expansion.
  • PDH-SDH decommissioning – decommissioning and removal of PDH equipment and racks from live equipment rooms, to enable further expansion of the network.
  • De-installation – investigation and confirmation of circuits carrying traffic and removal of redundant circuits to free up network. Recovery of equipment from customer sites for re-use.
  • Frame relay passport migration – replacement of various types of cards no longer supported by OEM within frame relay passport equipment. Cards replaced carrying live traffic, in some cases requiring new cabling. Card replacement completed within agreed timescales to reduce disruption to customers and network


Simidebis International Ltd is able to act as data installation partner, assisting in the design of networks and the choice of technologies, providing:

  • Installation of enterprise and core networks
  • Troubleshoot problems on existing network
  • Implementation of high-speed LAN / WAN environments
  • Wireless Networking
  • Solutions tailor-made for business-critical networks
  • Vendor independent solutions – structured cabling and network hardware chosen to suit individual customer projects
  • Large stockholding and logistical support


Our fibre services cover the following:

  • Site survey and specification of products and services
  • Fibre network design including loss budget assessment
  • IP & Fiber Optics
  • ADM & DWDM systems
  • Project management of fibre installation
  • LAN/WAN premises cabling
  • Installation and termination of external fibre optic networks
  • Maintenance of existing internal and external fibre networks

We provide fibre services to our partners and network operators through our team of expert engineers who are trained in fibre optics technologies and products.

We provide complete project management, installation, and test solutions to meet demand for fibre networks to support telecom and data infrastructures such as fast gigabit Ethernet, ADM, DWDM, SDH, ADSL and VoIP.

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